LA Aviators 2019 Head Coach – Tyler Bacon

The 2018 season was a great ride for the West Division Champions, the Los Angeles Aviators. Players committed this past season to achieve greater heights for the team, and were satisfied with making it to Championship Weekend. Now the targets are more focused, and the team is more focused than ever. The team tasted what it is like to be at an AUDL Championship weekend and they are hungry to win it all! Helping us to lead the attack in 2019 is Coach Tyler Bacon.

Bacon has been a player with the Aviators since 2015 and been an integral role player filling spots on O and D both as a continuation cutter and as a handler. His defensive prowess has earned him key blocks in big moments and created momentum shifts in games with his pervasive attack with the disc. Speaking of momentum, Bacon said, “the Aviators have steadily developed a winning culture. In 2019 we’ll continue to build on that momentum.” Bacon anticipates remaining a player while taking on the Head Coach role, but the two will not be in conflict. If he is a player at a certain game, Assistant Coaches will takeover the Head Coach role duties for that particular game.

We have greatly enjoyed the insight and Coaching presence of Coach Jamison Gorin, and we leave in good terms wishing him the best! We expect to see him around especially at the upcoming Aviators Training Camp in February.

Please join us in congratulating Coach Bacon as we go into the 2019 season!

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