Los Angeles, Calif. (Mar. 22, 2016) – Today the Los Angeles Aviators and Clif Bar & Company announced that CLIF Bar & Company is now the Official Sports Nutrition Sponsor of the Los Angeles Aviators. This marks the first major, national brand to become the headline sponsor of a professional ultimate team in the American Ultimate Disc League (AUDL).

As part of the expanded partnership, the CLIF® Bar portfolio of energy bars, energy gels and energy chews will be available to athletes on the Los Angeles Aviators games and practices through their 2016 season. “Clif Bar has been committed to creating sports nutrition products that perfectly serve the health and lifestyle goals of all types of athletes,” said David Conlon, president of the Aviators. “We are confident that the unique needs of ultimate players, and our athletes directly, will benefit from these energy options Clif Bar is providing.”

Clif Bar blends many organic and wholesome ingredients to craft foods that provide energy during training, practice and games. The demands the sport of ultimate puts on athletes is a blend of endurance as well as explosive movements with players averaging about 5 miles of running and sprinting over the course of one game. CLIF’s products provide that perfect blend of quick energy as well as sustained nutrition without leaving the players feeling heavy or overly full. As part of this larger partnership, CLIF Bar will also be at multiple home games throughout the season providing samples and activations to engage fans and introduce attendees to their full range of products.

Veteran player Mark Elbogen is grateful for the support during practice and during games saying “Having a sideline stocked with essential items provided by Clif has proven to be incredibly valuable by keeping our bodies well nourished with the protein, energy, and calories needed to perform at our best. I am incredibly excited to have the same sideline support during our games all season long!”

aviators clif bar

Captain and defensive standout Zac Shakner is impressed with the partnership by saying “I think that the Clif Bar sponsorship gives some much needed legitimacy to our sport. And the physical demands that elite ultimate players experience on a daily basis, Clif provides the perfect blend of products to meet those demands.”

About The Los Angeles Aviators The Los Angeles Aviators are a professional ultimate disc team in the American Ultimate Disc League which boasts 26 teams across 4 divisions that encompass the entire United States as well as Canada and is now in its 6th season. The Aviators compete in the western division with teams from San Diego, San Jose, San Francisco, Seattle and Vancouver. We play 7 home games at the historic stadium at Occidental College in Eagle Rock, CA and offer family friendly, affordable sporting entertainment featuring one of the country’s fastest growing sports. Please visit us at and follow us on facebook at and twitter at:

About CLIF BAR & COMPANY Clif Bar & Company is a leading maker of nutritious and organic foods and drinks, including CLIF® Bar energy bar, LUNA®, The Whole Nutrition Bar for Women®; and CLIF Kid®, Nourishing Kids in Motion®. Focused on sports nutrition and snacks for adventure, the family and employee-owned company is committed to sustaining its people, brands, business, community and planet. For more information on Clif Bar & Company, please visit, check out our Facebook page at and follow us on Twitter at:


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