Dan Oettinger

Like you didn’t already know : Dan Oettinger will be flying with the Aviators in 2015! Ownership is thrilled to have him on board as a part of our core leadership!

Dan grew up in Thousand Oaks, CA and went to undergrad at USC and law school at UCLA. He played Ultimate for the USC Ghettobirds and Smaug at UCLA where he captained the team in 2010. He moved on to play at the elite club level with LA Strike-Slip, BCBC, Santa Barbara Condors and currently plays for LA 7 Figures. Dan is also going into his third season as the woman’s head coach for the USC women’s Ultimate team, the Hellions of Troy. Dan currently resides in Silverlake, CA and is an attorney working in civil litigation and criminal defense. Please welcome Dan to the team. LET’S. GO. AVIATORS!

Check out Dan signing his contract and see his signature on our Instagram : losangelesaviators

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