Are you excited about the return of the Aviators? We certainly are! While we don’t have a location picked yet, we’re busily planning for the return of your favorite team for the 2021 season with even more high flying action than before!

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While we can't predict everything, the AUDL and the Aviators have put together a group of some of the top medical experts in the country to help create guidelines for returning to play safely. With the proper precations in place, outdoor sporting events can be very safe. We're staying up to date on all information and the vaccine rollouts to make sure that this is done with everyone's health as the top priotity.

As of 6/5/21 masks will be required for all fans unless eating or drinking and social distancing should be maintained between people that aren't from the same household.

We're following all local guidelines to make sure our fans stay safe. As of April 12th, fans are allowed to be present at sporting events in our location, but with restrictions on capacity. There are also requirements for social distancing and face mask usage. As vaccines are rolled out and regulations are updated, this may change. is your answer! You will not only be able to see the Aviators take flight, but you can also watch games of all the other teams across the league. Plus, you can watch whenever you want and replay the high-flying action for less than the cost of a single ticket. It's not quite the same as cheering from the stands, but it's the next best thing!

  1. Randolph

    Season tickets are no longer available?

    1. Devin Miller

      Great catch (pun intended)! The link was broken but it should be working again. Season tickets are still available.

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