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Calling All Future Aviators

In 2022, the Aviators held our own against the top players in the league from Colorado, Portland, San Diego, Oakland, Seattle, and Salt Lake City. This year, we plan to move to the top of that list and head back to Championship Weekend to win it all! If you think you can help us get there, this is the place for you. You’ll get to travel the country for free, get sweet gear, and play against the best of the best. Or, you can just sign up to have a day of high-level ultimate with nationally known players, learn some techniques, and leave with a custom jersey.

We’re bringing back the tryout/training format again due to its massive popularity where players get to both show off their skills and help develop some new ones as well. The more days you come, the more time you’ll have to play and practice as an Aviator. The dates of these events are

  • 1/7/23 11am-2pm
  • 1/21/23 11am-2pm

Register for one or both days and hone your skills while trying out for the 2022 season. Online registration is $50 for one day or $75 for both days. In addition to participating in the training events, each package comes with a custom jersey.

Event Details
Day 1 - 1/7/23
Registration Ends 1/3/23
This product has been discontinued.
Day 2 - 1/21/23
Registration Ends 1/17/23
This product has been discontinued.
Both Days
Buy 1 and Get 50% Off the 2nd Day

Bring cleats, water, and a white and dark jersey. You will be provided with a jersey as well. We also recommend bringing some snack, although we'll have a few options too.

In order to participate in any Aviators events, you must be vaccinated. We will require proof of vaccination when registering for this event.

Event Details
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