We are so excited to announce that this January, the Los Angeles Aviators have teamed up with Tim Morrill from Morrill Performance to bring 2 unique performance training sessions to Los Angeles.

These 2 sessions are open to the entire Los Angeles ultimate community, and will be taught by 3 certified strength and conditioning coaches who are not only leaders in the world of training, but top level ultimate players as well: Tim Morrill, Johnathan Helton and Kelly Johnson.
The sessions are being held:
  • Tuesday January 19th, 7:00pm at the Glendale Sports Complex
  • Thursday January 21st, 7:00pm at Veterans Park, Culver City
One session is $45, and if you sign up for both there is a discounted rate of $75 total
The training sessions utilize Tim’s own Functional Performance Training or(MP FPT) which he developed specifically for the ultimate athlete.  This is a unique opportunity to learn from the best in the business and build a foundation for training that will take your game to the next level!
You can read more about the FPT and register for the classes at training.laaviators.com
About the Trainers (to read more visit training.laaviators.com/category/trainers/)
tim-morrill-color-sm-sqTim Morrill
Tim Morrill is the owner and head coach at Morrill Performance. After finishing his Masters in Exercise Science, Tim founded Morrill Performance in 2011 as a platform in which to share his knowledge through writing, video, clinics, and seminars. Tim and his company, Morrill Performance, are relentless in their pursuit of developing their athletes to the fullest of their potential.
goose-headshot-cc-sm-sq  Johnathan “Goose” Helton

Jonathan “Goose” Helton is a two-time AUDL MVP, Certified Functional Strength Coach at Morrill Performance, and Co-Founder of Functional Performance Training, LLC. He has led in-season and off-season training programming as well as practice and game day warm ups for the Indianapolis AlleyCats, Chicago Wildfire, Chicago Machine, and the 2015 Beach Worlds Team USA.

kelly-johnson-ultimate1-sm-sq Kelly Johnson

Kelly “Vegas” Johnson is a certified Level 2 CrossFit Coach. But her knowledge extends far beyond CrossFit into many specialties as she has earned an eclectic range of fitness certifications (FMS, Rowing, Defense, Power lifting, Olympic lifting, and Endurance to name a few). Kelly’s passion for sport and kinesiology has lead her down the path of a fitness professional; investing in many gyms and ultimate frisbee teams along the way.

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