Aviators Iron-On Patch


Add Ace to your own apparel with this iron on patch. When properly applied, the iron on backing is good for approximately 20-30 washings.

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Instructions for Application:

  1. Check the garment or fabric. While fabrics such as denim and cotton are great for patches, fabrics like polyester can burn or become discolored if the heat is left on for too long. Fabrics like silk and lace don’t work well for iron-on patches so be sure to choose the right garment or fabric before moving forward.
  2. Iron the item you’re applying the patch to. Lay the garment flat on an ironing board and make sure to remove any creases or wrinkles. This will provide a nice surface area for the adhesive to attach to and will remove excess moisture.
  3. Place the patch. Pro tip: visualize how the garment will look by taping it on first with some clear tape to check out the placement. Just make sure to remove the tape before the next step.
  4. Lay a thin towel over the patch. Make sure not to disturb the patch in the process. The towel serves as a barrier that will protect the patch itself from the direct heat of the iron. Not using a towel can lead to singeing and discoloring on your patch when it comes into contact with the iron’s metal.
  5. Turn off steam on the iron. You can also remove water from the reservoir if you want to be extra safe.
  6. Iron the patch for 20 seconds. Place the iron over the towel covering the patch and hold it in place for about twenty seconds. Push down firmly on the iron and keep a steady hand. Be sure not to move while applying pressure so that the patch doesn’t move on the fabric. Remove the iron and let the area cool for a minute or so. Remove the towel from the patch and make sure the patch is attached and in the right location.
  7. (Optional) If any edges are not secure, replace the towel and apply heat for another ten seconds. Again, press firmly and keep a steady hand. The edges should lay completely flat once the patch is fully secured. You can also sew around the patch’s edges for extra security, though it’s not necessary. The adhesive is water-resistant, though we do recommend hand-washing the garment instead of running it in the washing machine. Allow the garment to air dry.
Weight1 oz
Dimensions3 × 3 × .25 in
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