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About 2020

With Dallas and Austin joining the West Division this year, we have an exciting season ahead of us. We’ve won the West before and we want to do it again in 2020!

Tryouts will be run similar to last year. Instead of a single day exhibition make-or-break opportunity, we are inviting all athletes to come to our 3 Saturday Training Series to not only showcase everyone’s skills, but help develop new skills and improved mechanics as well. The more days you come, the more time you’ll have to play and practice at an elite level and learn from the coaching staff. This training camp will be suitable to all skill levels and is gender neutral, but you need to be 18+ to register. Tryout registrants will be grouped by gender and by athletic ability for most drills and scrimmages for best individual attention and focused learning in a safe environment. Participants will get the most value by attending all three days of training camp, but single event registration is OK too. 

PLEASE NOTE: There will not be any “walk-up” registration. You must register in advance to participate. Registration for each training event will close at 5pm the evening before each event. 

The dates, times and locations of these events are below. We recommend arriving 30 minutes early to each event:

  • 1/11/20 9am-12pm at Jerry Chabola Stadium, Culver City High School,  4724 St Nicholas Ave, Culver City, CA 90230
  • 1/25/20 9am-12pm at Jerry Chabola Stadium, Culver City High School,  4724 St Nicholas Ave, Culver City, CA 90230
  • 2/1/20 9am-12pm at Jerry Chabola Stadium, Culver City High School,  4724 St Nicholas Ave, Culver City, CA 90230

Register for one, two, or all three days and hone your skills while trying out for the 2019 season below. We highly recommend attending all three sessions. If pricing is an issue or if you have general questions, please email info@laaviators.com and we can discuss options including scholarships to cover registration or answer any questions you may have.

What you should bring to tryouts:
1) A good learning attitude and spirited play
2) Your favorite pair of ultimate cleats & apparel
3) Large refillable water bottle & any energy or snack foods you may need

What You Get

  • Exclusive Aviator training camp jersey ($30 value)
  • Hours of professional group instruction & athletic trainers
  • Train and compete alongside elite peers in the community
  • Chance to become an Aviator in 2020!



3 Training dates available

11 January 2020 – Jerry chabola stadium 9am-12pm

Day 1

  • Focused catch drills (throwing footwork and catching technique)
  • Full group warm-up with plyos (no disc activity)
  • Cutting and handling techniques
  • Offensive and defensive principles for 2019
  • Mini Groups 
    1. Boxing out / safe and effective physical play
    2. Efficient handler distribution
    3. Hucking footwork and deep cutting techniques
  • Scrimmage

25 January 2020 – Jerry chabola stadium 9am-12pm

Day 2

  • Receiving handwork/footwork
  • Throwing handwork/footwork
  • Offensive/defensive philosophy/decision making 
  • Winning 50/50 catches 
  • Rotational defense
  • Scrimmage

1 February 2020 – Jerry chabola stadium 9am-12pm

Day 3

  • Review of fundamentals
  • Throwing and receiving mechanics
  • Cutting and handling techniques
  • Offensive & defensive principles for 2019
  • Winning 50/50s
  • Injury Prevention
  • Mini Group Scrimmages
  • Large Group Scrimmages

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